Custom Displays are available to personalize the booth or advertise your product or event. We can design the display using stock graphics or you can supply the artwork or even the displays themselves. Display dimensions must be 17.25" H X 23.5" W.

Custom Displays:
Top Signs / Colour Schemes:
B&W Options
Scrapbooking Package
Makes a great keepsake! When the photo comes out your guest will bring it to our table where it will be cut, half will go back to you guest and the other half will be mounted in the scrapbook. Our attendant will offer your guest a pen and invite them to include a sentiment. At the end of the event the scrapbook is yours to keep! Our scrapbooking is available for all booths and includes: 1 x 40 page black leaf scrapbook, photo mounts, metallic pens and assembly.

Feel the need to express your goofy side? We'll bring an assortment of props with crazy hats, sunglasses, masks and inflatables.
Online Photo Gallery:
We are now offering Online Photo Galleries as a new option with our digital packages. The gallery will feature all the printouts from your event hosted on our server for 6 months. The galleries will be password protected and will not show up in search engines so you can decide who gets to see your photos. All photos will be downloadable or you can watch a slide show and re-live the fun of your event.

Please note that PBROW is an ethical company, while other companies will automatically upload your photos to facebook and other public sites, we do not.
We respect the privacy of others and will not post ANY gallery pictures online without your guest's knowledge. Galleries are available for a small price anytime up until event day so that we may get your unique url set up and make the appropriate signage advising your guests where they can get the photos. If a gallery is not booked the photos will automatically be removed from the booth. We cannot and will not post photos online afterwards as per Manitoba privacy laws.
For All Booths
Other Options:

Double Prints - you would get 2 - 4 x 6 photo cards or 4 - 2 x 6 photo strips.
Not available for commercial machines.

Unlimited Prints - All people in the photos would receive a print.
Available for the Pseudobooth and Memory Wall only.

Extra Time - We would never walk out in the middle of your party, extra hours can be booked both prior to the event as well as at the event itself.
Available for all machines.