PBROW will once again be at the Teddy Bear's Picnic. You can visit us (and the Princesses) at the Sun Life Financial tent.
May 2015
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PBROW is so much more than just another "photobooth company"... We were the first in Manitoba, the second in Canada and we were responsible for the first portable pipe and drape digital booth in North America that is so widely knocked off today. We are your one-stop-shop for all your photo entertainment needs! Not only do we have the largest selection of photobooths and price plans, we are constantly adding new equipment, features and products to make your event the talk of the town! If you have something in mind that you don't see here, drop us a line as we are always up for a challenge!
Our newest creation is almost ready to go, it is called the Memory Wall and we are now accepting bookings for the 2017 Wedding and Party season! What is a Memory Wall you might ask... well we will build a mock livingroom at your party where guests can laze about on a loveseat while having their pictures taken, but that's not all... it also features cut out picture frames on the wall for your guests to stand behind creating living portraits!

While we are aiming for a March 1st official launch date, we are humming right along and it could be available sooner. Mockups can be viewed on the Memory Wall page in our rental information section.

We are all very excited to bring something entirely new to the Manitoba market and it should make for some hilarious pictures! Be sure to check back here or on our new facebook page for updates.
For the latest news check out our facebook page and don't forget to like us :)
Latest News
We are now offering Online Photo Galleries as a new option with our digital packages. The gallery will feature all the printouts from your event hosted on our server for 6 months. The galleries will be password protected and will not show up in search engines so you can decide who gets to see your photos. All photos will be downloadable or you can watch a slide show and re-live the fun of your event.
We have just wrapped up our 9th appearance at the Wonderful Wedding Show held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, this year we brought our newest booth the Onyx Box.
The photos can be viewed individually or as a slideshow and you will have the opportunity to save each photo or a zip file of all of them. You would be welcome to share the information with whomever you choose, so if you have relatives at a distance that cannot make it to your Wedding they can view all the fun on our site. If you wish I can make the gallery address and password available at your reception so your guests may also reprint or save their photos as well.

The response we received this year was overwhelming so if you are looking for additional information about our availability or pricing, please drop us a line at info@pbrow.ca we're always glad to hear from you. If you are ready to book please get ahold of us as soon as possible as our slots fill up pretty quickly following the show.

Online Photo Gallery
PBROW gets a little sketchy...
January 2014

No we are not engaging in shady business practices, we have just added 4 sketch machines which take your photo and turn them into beautiful pencil sketches. Our 2 Sketch Express machines are ready to go and can be found in our rental information section. Our 2 Portrait Studios are currently undergoing rebuilds and will be ready soon. If you are interested in having one of these machines for your business to generate additional income, we are always looking for new locations. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line.
PBROW unveils the "new" Pseudobooths at The Teddy Bear's Picnic.
The Portrait Studio
Our Pseudobooths have just overgone a total overhaul and were re-introduced at the 2014 Teddy Bear's Picnic on May 25th. Despite some rainy patches during the day it was still a great success with huge crowds on hand. Our thanks go out to Sun Life Financial for putting their trust in us to handle the giant volume of guests in their tent. Further thanks go out to our new friends at A Living Fairy Tale who's tireless efforts were invaluable to raising quite a bit of money for the Children's Hospital. If you ever need a character for your party I highly reccomend giving them a shout!
Highly Interactive– watch as one favorite pose is transformed into a striking 8 1/2 x 11 work of art

Portraits printed on high-quality bordered paper

Choose from four Artist styles
Leonardo – Sharp Pencil
Raphael – Soft Pencil
Rembrandt – Charcoal
Michelangelo – Pen & Ink

Also does 4 different styles of Caricatures and
features a scanner to turn your wallet sized photos
into sketches.
PBROW and our friends from A Living Fairytale will be at the Moms and Kids Show this weekend at the Franco Manitoban Cultural Centre. Drop by and get your picture taken with a Princess or the Webcrawler!
If you can't make it to the M&K Show because you promised to take the kids to the Ex, you can find our New Gen Booth in the Main Marketplace or our Sketch Express in the Midway Market.
Meet the newest team member...

The foto fun strips.

Which is an upright machine with a hanging backdrop, it accepts $5 bills and can do Colour, B&W and PhotoID style pictures. The photos print on 4 x 8 photo stock and are perforated in the middle so you can tear & share.

This machine is ready to go, if you are interested in having this machines for your business to generate additional income, we are always looking for new locations. Please don't hesitate to drop us a line.
We always have a few projects on the go and will be adding them as the year progresses. Don't forget to check back soon.
June 2014
December 2014
I have had a few issues with Christmas Parties this year over posting photos online so I would like to address the issue.

PBROW is an ethical company, while other companies will automatically upload your photos to facebook and other public sites, we do not.
We respect the privacy of others and will not post ANY gallery pictures online without your guest's knowledge. Galleries are available for a small price up until event day so that we may get your unique url set up and make the appropriate signage advising your guests where they can get the photos. If a gallery is not booked the photos will automatically be removed from the booth. We cannot and will not post photos online afterwards.